We interviewed demand-driven innovators around the world about their successes and failures in getting products and services to poor customers. Our respondents revealed many questions people too infrequently ask when attempting to reach these markets. These “infrequently asked questions” sort into the six areas listed above. Click each button to learn more about these questions and to read stories illustrating why you should ask them.

Whether you are a donor, a policymaker, or a practitioner, you can start improving the impact of your work by raising these infrequently asked questions.

If you’re a funder: These questions are part of your due diligence, and inform your grantmaking strategy.

If you’re a policymaker: Asking these questions will give you a better understanding of how your policies will affect low-income communities.

If you’re a practitioner: These questions will drive you to use resources more efficiently and have higher impact with your innovations.